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Thailand – paradise on Earth


Thailand, a real paradise for holiday goers, newly-wed couples on their honeymoon, bachelors, leisure travelers, it has something for everyone. Thailand is the largest Asian travel destination and you have many amazing things to explore in here.Every year millions of foreigners visit Thailand and this country has also adopted a few things from these foreign countries, but Thailand has very well preserved its tradition and rich cultural heritage. You might be overwhelmed seeing the neon lights, pubs, walking street or other flashy attractions here, however, Thailand still has its fishing communities, rubber plantations, and Buddhist temples. Thailand is beautiful with its beaches, lush green nature, and 7 amazing wonders. If you are still not aware of the 7 wonders of Thailand, here find out them about them. Beaches Ever dreamt about the beaches that are blue with white sand? Where can you have a romantic escape or a night walk or a party? Well, these are not dreams anymore, these beaches are for real in Thailand. There are so many beaches that you would be spoilt with choices, Krabi, Phi Phi, KohSamui, Phuket, PranBuri, Ko Lanta Yai, Ko Ngai, Patong and many more. You can plunge in the sea, relax in the white sandy beach and soak in the sun, can take a sip of your favorite cocktail in the grass-roof hut, or can have a night party, everything is available here. If you are a person who just wants to relax and spend time with tranquility and peace, then PranBuri, Ko Lanta Yai, and Ko Ngai are best for you. Nature Nature is alluring in Thailand with its true, unexploited colors. Beaches are white, water is blue, lush green nature, Thailand is pristine in its picturesque natural backdrop. You can take a silent boat ride or an elephant safari to indulge into this panoramic view of natural beauty or if you are looking for more adventure, you can explore the innumerable options like kayaking, rock-climbing, abseiling, rafting, or you can spend a day or a nightlife with the Thai tribes as well. Thai Food Any place or country you visit, the purpose is not fulfilled until your nostrils are filled with the aroma of the local spices or taste buds are satisfied with all the food that you can explore. Thai food is considered to be the healthiest amongst all and the taste – exotic, heavenly. Thai people start their day in the kitchens and they prepare rice dishes, desserts and other exotic dishes to distribute among the monks who roam around the streets of Thailand, known as Merit Monks, this is an integral part of Thai life. Thai food is famous for its spiciness as well, and it blends of five spices – sour, sweet, salty, bitter and spicy. Wellness Massages and wellness spas are the second names of Thailand and wherever you live, you would always find a Thai Wellness Spa over there. With the hustles of city life, rejuvenate your body and soul with any Thai massages and relaxation therapies with western efficiency, technology, and Thai traditions. You would find quite a lot of options here such as Thai herbal spa, oil massage, sea therapy, mineral stone sand bath, hydrotherapy and many more. Festivals Thailand, an exotic country is also a home of festivities and traditions with rich heritage and culture. Thailand has hundreds of festivals throughout the year, some of them are celebrated everywhere around the world, and some of them are specified to a particular place. The year starts with Songkran which is Thai new year and it is celebrated in the middle of April. This is similar to our Holi where Thai people throw water and flower at each other. In the mid-year, generally by the end of July, they celebrate the candle festival with a competition of ornately carved wax made in the form of large decorative candles and they are exhibited through a procession all across the city. Towards the end of the year, Thailand has the most beautiful and spectacular event, that is called the International Swan Boat Race which is held on the Chao Phraya River. The year ends with the festival called LoiKrathong on a full moon night in November. You can experience floats containing flowers and incense sticks on lakes, ponds, canals or rivers. Treasures Thailand is rich in heritage and culture and traditions which they have remained until now after such deep influence of western culture. Thailand is a land of temples and there are some famous ones as well, the Reclining Buddha, Temple of Dawn, Wat PhraKaeoa, Grand Palace and the Temple of Emerald Buddha are to name a few and there are many more. These are the treasures of Thailand which they cherish, and they also represent the glorious past and history of Thailand and Buddhism. Trends Thailand is a land of fantasy and a paradise for shopping and nightlife. It is vibrant, electric and intriguing and dreamy. Thailand is Southeast Asia’s largest shopping destination and here you would be spoilt for choices, famous markets in Bangkok are Chinatown, Bo Be, Phahurat and many more. Siam Paragon, Central Paragon, Emporium, Terminal 21 are some of the biggest malls in the city. There are few night markets here which are very famous such as Pattaya Night Bazaar, Hua Hin Night Market, Hat Pai Plaza shopping center etc. Thailand is a mixed bag where you would find culture, history, fun, entertainment, travel, leisure, intrigue, relaxation and everything together. Until you experience Thailand you would not be able to understand the country better. Visit Thailand and get swayed in a different world of dream and fantasia while being on earth.

Beauty of the God City in India


“God’s own city” is a phrase which has been bandied round, used for locations from Yorkshire to Zimbabwe to New Zealand. but while in a lot of those locations it is probably wishful questioning, in Kerala, an Indian province within the south of the city, it seems a perfectly reasonable description. The Malabar Coast and lush backwaters definitely look like paradise, the population has the highest life expectancy and literacy rates in India, and the melting pot of different religions luckily coexist. God, we are able to wager, could be very glad indeed. Blessed with herbal beauty and ecological variety, Kerala has lots to offer to vacationers and travellers.  1. Enchanting beaches Kerala is blessed with pristine beaches. Kovalam, Varkala, Kappad, Payyambalam are some beaches that one should definitely go to. Muzhappilangad, South India’s handiest power-in seaside must sincerely be at the top of your listing. 2. Backwaters of Kerala Houseboats at the backwaters of Kerala provide the tons wanted serenity to vacationers. The backwaters of Kerala are a maze of lagoons crisscrossed with rivers, shallow swimming pools, and canals. 3. Kerala delicacies Kerala cuisine is mouth-wateringly yummy and honestly specific. Rice is the staple food plan and non-vegetarian food can be determined in abundance. One should must try Seafood cooked in coconut gravy in Kerala 4. Timeless traditions Kerala has preserved the historic artwork of martial arts, Kalaripayattu. In reality, possible witness numerous timeless traditions in Kerala, be it dance paperwork, sports activities, Ayurveda, herbal spas, and much extra. 5. Wealthy plants and fauna Kerala is home to Periyar national Tiger Park, Eravikulam Reserve, Silent Valley Park, Chinnar flora and fauna Sanctuary, Wayanad Reserve, wherein you possibly can visit and notice the rich flowers and fauna. In reality, Kerala has several popular hill stations like Munnar, Wayanad, Ponmudi among others, which convey one toward nature. Activities on Kerala tour Each excursion to Kerala is a wonder package deal in itself. there may be a lot to do in and around Kerala to entice travellers from every possible nook of the arena: Beaches and Backwater in Kerala. The lovely backwaters are best for spending vacations in a relaxed environment. The pristine beaches make a super excursion. Vacation spot for all. The beauty of those beaches and backwaters, surrounded by way of mist included hills and swaying coconut palms, are certainly mind-blowing. Cuisines of Kerala: For foodies, Kerala is the vicinity to be. The seafood right here is very scrumptious and the meals are cooked the usage of traditional cooking techniques. the five meals satisfaction of travellers is Sadya, thats food served on banana leaves for real flavour of Kerala. Ayurveda Therapy in Kerala: Kerala is also recognized for her special Ayurvedic retreats that are rated fine inside the international. The vacationers come here for a relaxing time will love spending their weekends on any Kerala Ayurveda homes, as they provide the excellent escape viable from the stupid town lifestyles.  Eco-tourism in Kerala: Kerala additionally focuses a lot on ecotourism activities and ensures that the ecosystem of the country isnt always disturbed. tourists are taught the way to make sure that the herbal environment of Kerala continues to be intact and the way first-class they are able to do small matters in maintaining the atmosphere. Tree homes in Kerala: The idea of living on a residence that is built on the pinnacle of timber sounds adventurous and beautiful at the identical time. At Kerala tree houses, that is feasible. Surrounded via lush greenery, live in those houses which are made up of nearby substances, is an incredible function of Kerala tour. Kerala Houseboat: For traversing the lovely backwaters in Kerala, the traditional houseboats or Kettuvalam are perfect vicinity to stay in Kerala. With this kind of isolation and romance, the newlywed couples like to spend their honeymoons tours in Kerala.  Artwork in Kerala: Kerala is understood all over the global for her various dance bureaucracy which consist of Kathakali, Thullal, Mohiniyattam, Krishnanattam and Koodiyattom. also, the Carnatic. The list does now not stop here, there are extra, like: • The traditional sports activities of Snake Boat Race, Padayani, Poorakkali, Thalappandukali, Parichamuttukali, Onathallu, Kilithattukal, Velakali, and many others • The key component of Kerala that separates her from each other vicinity within the international is the friendly crowd over there. • Humans of Kerala trust in celebrating festivals and fairs around the 12 months with a lot of pleasure and merriment. fundamental festivals of Kerala consist of Onam, Pongal and Navratra whilst massive crowd comes out to celebrate together. a few primary fairs in Kerala consist of Nishagandhi Dance and song honest and Kerala Village honest. • There are numerous small and huge waterfalls in Kerala • The majestic hill stations of Kerala are fabulous and for individuals who wish to be surrounded via tranquillity, serenity and peaceful surroundings, those hill stations are like an experience to heaven. • Kerala is an idyllic retreat for wildlife fanatics and nature lovers due to the two countrywide Parks and 12 flora and fauna Sanctuaries which are located amidst the verdant expanse of forests of Western Ghats in Kerala.  • One of the most adrenaline pumping functions of Kerala is the boat races in backwaters. • A number of the maximum sacred spiritual shrines are in Kerala together with Rameshwara temple, Malik Deenar Mosque and Jewish Synagogue. • The tale of Kerala started from spice plantations. or even these days, Kerala is the leading trader of spices. God may additionally or wont have made Kerala. however, in case you’re looking for a flavour of heaven on the earth, an area in which you can be as wholesome and glad as can be, its miles virtually an awesome location to begin. In case you haven’t visited Kerala already, weve got already you sufficient reasons why you need to begin making plans an experience to Kerala, right away! Plan your Kerala trip with EaseTours & experience the God’s very own city like never before. Book Your Kerala Holiday Tour Packages with Ease Tours. Ease tours Offers customized Domestic & International Holiday packages which allow you to in shape all sort of your journey needs and we ensure to make your journey memorable.  For more details please visit

Best place in Hong Kong for Children is Disney land


Disneyland is known for most joyful & amazing place on the earth. There is something so mystical about observing Sleeping Beautys Castle, watching a procession or going on the Its A Small World fascination. Its gooey however its so well done that it very well may be difficult to not fall under its appeal. In this article of Hong Kong Disneyland, we are going to discuss few things which will be helpful for people who have never visited this place before and also for those who have already come here, something different for them for sure.   Hong Kong funfair is ready up like all the others. The park starts with Main Street USA. This space is filled with retailers and restaurants and it’s fun to prevent here on the answer for an award.   At the top of Main Street, USA could be a roundabout and this is often the place to venture to all or any the opposite lands within the park. At metropolis funfair, there square measure six: Tomorrowland, Fantasyland, Adventureland, Grizzly flume, Mystic purpose, and Toy Story Land.   Every land is home to a novel look and feels and its own attractions, retailers and feeding institutions. Some square measure quite tiny, others square measure quite giant. theyre all well bestowed, fun and feel self-contained. It’s fun to simply walk around and appreciate the variations.   Tomorrowland   This ride is magnificent! You have an inclination that you are hovering over the Hong Kong horizon as Iron Man goes up against different enormous, awful robots. Its a 4D encounter that feels genuine. Its not extremely terrifying but rather it is amazing. In the event that you go on only one ride in this stop (I dont know why you would do that but rather to be safe!), this is it!   Theres additionally Hyperspace Mountain, a fun exciting ride oblivious with Space Wars theming which is like Space Mountain at different parks.   Adventureland   The adventure land is a river with a fun-filled boat ride with Tarzan’s Treehouse. There is also a Lion King show and other fantastic shows as well like the Tarzan attractions as well.   Fantasyland   Fantasyland was up straight away and this is the place you discover all the childrens story-themed attractions. Theres Sleeping Beautys Castle, a merry go round, Its a Small World, a super magnificent 3D appear with Mickey, Donald and numerous other Disney characters, and significantly more. This is one of the biggest regions of the recreation centre and we spent for a spell here.   Mystic Point   This is an extremely fantastic looking area with a major manor at the point of convergence. Obviously, the house is spooky and it makes for an extremely fun ride.   Grizzly Gulch   Grizzly Gulch is another fun themed arrive. Its rough with springs! The springs make for a fun territory to play particularly if its hot as its a water play region. Theres likewise heaps of Wild West theming which makes it enjoyable to hang over here for a moment. Its home to Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars.   Toy Story Land   This is the most amazing place in the whole Disney world. It’s a fun looking Toy Story Land and it has got some more outside rides as well, some of the rides are the most thrilling rides in the Disneyland and though this place seems to be only for kids but it’s actually not.   Parades   Apart from the Toy Story Land, the Parades here can be your favourite part in Disneyland. It’s a fun and happy parade with all the Disney character who also interact with mostly kids and other people around and they also make other people join the parade with them.   Hong Kong Disneyland is a little different from the other theme parks since it has many old favourites of ours. First of all, it’s a newly made Disneyland with all the characters in a Hong Kong twist. The rides here are new and updated and that is the fun part of this Disneyland. When you would visit this place you would find that it is not that overly crowded and you would not have to spend a lot of time standing in the queue and the best part is that most of the people here speak in English which is a big plus to become a great tourist attraction. This is a great place to visit with kids as well, not only your toddlers but also your babies since this park is stroller friendly, it has a baby care centre and change tables across the park. This is a big plus point, and it will make your day when you would see the amazed and happy look on your kids’ faces.   Tips to visit Hong Kong Disneyland   •        The sit tight occasions for attractions get longer as the days go on to arrive at opening and do the greatest number of as you can as ahead of schedule as possible.   •        The longest holdup times were in Toy Story Land and Tomorrowland. Begin at Toy Story Land as the primary rides in Tomorrowland have quick passes.   •        Utilize quick goes for the three rides that have them – Hyperspace Mountain, Iron Man Adventure and Winnie the Pooh.   •        Try not to eat anyplace close to the procession straight after it wraps up! The greatest slip-up we made was endeavouring to eat in Fantasyland soon after the motorcade wrapped up. It took 50 minutes to get straightforward, self-serve sustenance! Eat early.   •        Sustenance is costly. Eat something before you enter.   •        Go to the processions. They are so much fun.   Your Disneyland visit can be more fun and easy with EaseTours. EaseTours has brought in front of you Hong Kong Disneyland Package tour where you get a lot of variations to customize your tours as per your choice. With EaseTours tours and travel make your international travel more fun and comfortable and always memorable.

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