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Best Places to Visit in India with Family & Kids


Travelling with the family and kids along is always fun and enriching. Kids love travelling, far more than our expectation, they like to explore the world, see and experience new things, get as much information as possible and at the same time, they teach us how to have fun while on vacation. If you are travelling with both toddlers and teenagers, beach destinations can be fun, if you are travelling with babies then the choice of accommodation should be the most important thing which can keep the baby healthy and happy. If you are travelling with teenagers, you can almost choose any place which can be adventurous as well as educational for them. India is a country of beautiful places, enriching culture, history, and places where you can create lifetime memories.  Although it can be fun, travelling with kids need a lot of planning as well. If it is not planned properly, you trip can take a downhill. There is a list of places where you can have ultimate fun with your family and kids. Let’s have a look at them Munnar (Kerala): Munnar - a hill station which has breathtaking beauty and still much unexplored by tourists. The main attractions of this place are that you have world’s highest tea-growing centers and it is so green everywhere. You can actually escape the city life for some time and enjoy in the lap of nature. You can take a boat ride at the Mattupetty Lake, witness the rare NilgiriTahr in the Rajamalai National park. If you have a knack for fishing then you can go to Gravel Banks, that is great for trout fishing and Nyayamakad is also a great place for fishing and picnic. Jaisalmer (Rajasthan): Jaisalmer can be a great place for kids since the kids would get a lot of things to do. You can take them to camel safari to the SAM Dunes, can make them acquainted with rich Indian cultural heritage and why we need to preserve it, you can go camping with them, and the children would love it. The famous places to visit here is Jaisalmer Fort, Desert Culture Centre and Museum, Jaisalmer Folklore Museum, Desert National Park, Wildlife safari and many more options to spoil you. Andaman and Nicobar Islands: Andaman is a place for all and probably the best place to visit with your kids of this age. Andaman is beautiful on its own, its rows of spectacular, many unexplored and surreal beaches, the flora and fauna, our history, everything makes it enriching and fun. You also have a lot of fun things to do with your kids here like boat ride, scuba diving, snorkeling, seaplane and helicopter ride, cruise ride and playing in the beach, all of these can make your vacation a memorable.  Chennai (Tamil Nadu): one of the best places to visit with kids since Chennai has a lot of things to offer to your little ones. There are beaches, museums, amusement parks, picnic spots, historical monuments which can be educational as well as fun for the kids. Among the special attractions, there is famous Marina beach, Muttukadu lake for a picnic where you also learn how we can nurture and preserve our nature, Farm is a great place to spend time with animals. The crocodile park is fun since the kids get encountered with the dangerous creature which is exciting for them as well.  Corbett (Uttarakhand): this place is for die-hard nature and animal lovers. Your kids will obviously enjoy this trip, you can take an early morning safari and check your luck on meeting the tiger. Sikkim (North East):settled in the pristine lap of Himalayas, Sikkim has a kid-friendly environment. Its unpolluted crisp breeze, the breath-taking view of the Himalayan range, safe surrounding and friendly people make it easier for kids. You can take your kids to Nathula Pass, Changu - where they would love to play with the snow, ropeway ride, Yak safari, camping, trek and rafting as well.  We all think that putting our kids in schools can only teach them about the environment, our history and culture. That does not actually happen, we need to take them out to get acquainted with the environment and different types of people which are enriching in itself.It makes them knowledgeable, teach them to nurture nature, preserve our heritage, respect our history and people. 

Top 10 places to visit in South India


When summer takes a leave and the tint of winter starts its journey, we all think of going for a lovely vacation with family or friends. It can be in India or outside of India as well, though truly there are many beautiful places in India which are still unexplored and untouched.  South India is one such part of India which is full of heritage, culture, tradition, colors, art & music and there are many places in South India which are still not very much touched by humane. We would touch base such as 10 places in South India which can give you a vacation which will leave you to refresh, rejuvenated and which you can cherish throughout your life. Mysore Mysore is one of the best places to visit in South India which is famous for its rich heritage and beautiful silk sarees. The best time to visit this place is the month of October. The major attractions in Mysore are: 1. Mysore Palace 2. Chamundeshwari Temple 3. Jaganmohan Palace 4. Karanji Lake 5. Balmuri Falls 6. Railway Museum  7. Fountain show at Brindavan Garden 8. Birdwatching at Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary  9. Folk-Lore museum  Pondicherry The most beautiful beach destination in South India, Pondicherry is famous for its quaint little French Colony. The stroll by the sea, lush green trees at the sides of the road and the beautiful houses are the main beauty of Pondicherry. The major attractions in Pondicherry are  1. Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus 2. Sri Aurobindo Ashram 3. Bharati park 4. Pondicherry Museum 5. Boating at Paradise Beach 6. Road trip to Auroville 7. Rock Beach and many more. Coorg One of the most sought hill stations in South India, Coorg is mostly famous among enthusiasts and honeymooners, mainly in the month of October. Coorg is also called the Kodagu and this spectacular place will make you experience the most enthralling mountains which are mostly smeared by clouds. This place is also best to visit starting from October and the major attractions are 1. Nisargadhama Island 2. Abbey Falls 3. Irupu Falls 4. Madikeri Fort 5. Omkareshwara Temple 6. Jungle Safari at Nagarhole National Park 7. Trekking to Mandalpatti, Pushpagiri Peak through Tadiandamol and more. Kumarakom Kumarakom has a different beauty of its own with enclosing palm trees, mangroves, coconut fields, rice paddies, and coffee plantations. The pristine backwaters are the only beauty that derives more and more tourists every year not only to Kumarakom but also to entire Kerala. The major attractions here are 1. Vembanad Lake 2. Pathiramanal Island 3. Bay Island Driftwood Museum 4. St. John the Baptist Church 5. Bird watching at Kumarakom bird sanctuary 6. Backwater cruising in a houseboat and many more. Andaman Islands October is again the best month to visit the land of soft sand beaches, that is the Andaman Islands. The peak time is between December – March, if you really want to avoid the rush during this time, you can enjoy the lush green environs that monsoon leaves behind starting from October, and this time also happens to be the best for scuba diving, snorkeling, and other water activities. Major attractions here are 1. Havelock Island 2. Radhanagar Beach 3. Ross Island 4. Neil Island 5. Bharatpur Beach 6. Light and Sound show at Cellular Jail 7. Baratang Lime Stone Caves and more. Gokarna If you want a beach along with peace and tranquility, then you need to decide whether you want only beach and fun in Goa or you would want to visit this offbeat place in South, Gokarna. This place is called the “paradise for hippies” and is famous for its exotic beaches, fresh environment, and mesmerizing landscapes. Major attractions are 1. Mahabaleshwar Temple 2. Om Beach 3. Kudle Beach 4. Gokarna Beach 5. Paradise Beach and 6. Half Moon Beach Halebidu Halebidu or Halebid is located in the Hassan district and the meaning of its name is “old city” which it is literally since it used to serve as the home for the great Hoysala Empire in the 12th century. Hence, this place is famous for its Hoysala architecture and intricately ornate temples, this attracts major tourists every year. Apart from this, the other attractions are 1. Hoysaleswara Temple 2. Kedareshwara Temple 3. ASI Halebeedu Museum 4. Halebidu Archeological site and many more. Lepakshi The history buffs, this place is for you, also for people who would like to visit an offbeat location in South India, Lepakshi, the small village in Andhra Pradesh serves the purpose. This place is famous for its rural landscapes and historical significance. There are too many archeological sites and ancient temples as well. Other famous places are 1. Lepakshi Temple 2. Veerabhadra Temple 3. Nandi Bull Structure  4. Beautiful painting which are beauties of Lepakshi Hampi Hampi, which was once home to the glorious Vijayanagar empire, is famous for its ancient temples, forts and archeological ruins. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage site and was declared the second largest city in the world in 1500 AD. The first thing that you will notice in Hampi are the big boulders and the other attractions are 1. Virupaksha Temple2. Hazara Rama Temple3. Zanana Enclosure4. Kings Balance5. Lotus Mahal Hampi and many more. Kollam Kollam, the port city is located at the coast of Laccadiva sea, it is a nature’s delight at the heart of Kerala, you will be enthralled by seeing the encompassing seaports, shimmering coastline, the fluttering lake of Ashtamudi. Kollam has also been the center of trade since the time of the Romans. You can do boating here in Adventure Park, take a cruise at the Ashtamudi Lake or explore the Tangasseri lighthouse for more adventure and you obviously have many more options to explore than just this. Plan your visit to South India and explore the adventures and wonders of the south that is hidden here and experience an enthralling world out there.

Bali and its magical temples


A trip to Bali can be enticing because of its beautiful beaches and nature around. However, if you are done with the beaches for a while and want to dig into something more in Bali, a trip to this place is incomplete without visiting its temples. It is said that Bali is a land of 1000 temple, but actually, Bali has 20,000 temples in total. Bali temples are unique in their architecture and structure and all of these temples are made with strict rules since lives in Bali is surrounded by strict religious beliefs. Most of these temples have a mesmerizing backdrop and they can be great for photos as well. Maybe not all of them, but you should visit at least a few of these Bali temples during your visit here. The best time to visit these temples are during their anniversaries since then you would find the actual festive colors and the grandeur. We are going to list out 10 best and most beautiful temples in Bali which you should not miss while in Bali. Tanah Lot Temple One of the most famous temples in Bali because of its structure. This temple is built on an outcrop and you get to see the most beautiful sunset from here. Not only this, you must witness the Heirloom pilgrimage parade which takes place in this temple 5 days prior to its anniversary, hence if you are planning in advance, check the time and you can witness this as well. Apart from this, you would get to see the traditional dance which takes place in the cultural park here, there are shops and restaurants also to keep you entertained. Must visit this temple for witnessing the panoramic view that it offers. Uluwatu Temple Another beautiful temple in Bali which is famous for its location again. It is built on the cliff top, 250 feet above the Indian Ocean level. This temple is also famous for its archeology and the peaceful ambiance that it offers. The main attraction in this temple is the Kecakdance performance which happens every day from 06:00 pm to 07:00 pm with the beautiful backdrop of the sunset. Ulun Danu Beratan Temple You visit temples to soothe your soul and rejuvenate your spirituality, but you visit this temple not only for this, your body, mind, and soul, everything would be rejuvenated here. This temple is called “heaven in a lake” since it is located on the western side of Beratan Lake in Bedugul and this is a floating temple. Apart from its picturesque structure, the recreational space here would give you positive vibes and relax your mind and soul. The main attraction here is also again the anniversary celebration or the Piodalan. Besakih Temple Besakih temple is the largest and the holiest of all the Hindu temples in Bali. It is located on the slopes of Mount Agung and the structure of this temple is such it feels like a ladder through which you reach to the slopes of Mount Agung. The main attraction here is the breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains and nature which is sure to leave you in awe. Goa Gajah Goa Gajah temple has to be on your list if temple visit in Bali is your plan. Goa Gajah temple is built in an old cave on a hillside and this place is famous for meditation, the historical sites around, bathing pools, rock-wall carvings, and a relic -filled courtyard. Underwater Temple The underwater temple in Bali would make you experience spirituality along with adventure since this unique temple is situated underwater in the Pemuteran bio rock area, you can reach here via diving or snorkeling. It has a serene atmosphere and the entire structure is built among beautiful corals. Taman Ayun Temple Taman Ayun temple is the most beautiful temple in Bali. It has a magnificent structure, expansive landscape between a fish and lotus lake. This temple is famous for its magnificent architectural structure with thatched multi-roofed shrines. Goa Lawah Temple Though all the above-mentioned temples are beautiful and one of its kind in their structure and attractions, temple visit in Bali remains incomplete if you do not visit Goa Lawah temple here. This temple is also built around a cave on the southeast coast of Bali and you will find a lot of bats inside this cave. Apart from the location and the serenity of this temple, the motifs of the dragon, the shrines in the center of the large banyan tree at the entrance and spectacular as well. The main attraction of this temple is the coast of Nusa Penida at the horizon. TirtaEmpul This temple is the largest water temple in Bali and this is famous for its holy water since it is believed that this water is used for purification rituals. Apart from the holy baths in this holy water, this temple is also famous for the statues amidst lush greenery, the tropical plants at the entrance and the pools behind the gate. Gunung Kawi Gunung Kawai is situated near the TirtaEmpul temple and this is the biggest and the best temple in Bali. This temple is famous because there are 370 stone steps in this temple and you are sure to feel a thrill while you visit here. You would also find tall carved shrines here and the main attraction is the local women who prepare and sell their offerings on the head. Do’s and Don’ts of Balinese temples While visiting the temples, both men and women have to cover their legs with a cloth or a sarong and tie a sash around their waist, in many temples you get them in rent. Women should cover the upper portion of their body properly. Women who are menstruating or women who have given birth in last 6 months or people with some injury in their body are not permitted inside the temple. It is not because of impurity but the temples do not want any bloodshed inside. Your head should not be higher than the priest, it is considered disrespectful.

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