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9 Reasons to book through EASE TOURS


1.The best value for your Rupee - We inform you about all your Travel choices, special promotions and ways to save money tour.  2.Professional Advice - Our job is to make sure you get where you need to go, at the best price, and in the most pleasant way possible.  3.Time savings - We have all the information at our fingertips and can pull up all your travel options within hours.  4.Convenient one-stop-shopping - We’ll save you time and money by handling every aspect of your trip, from air tickets to your car rental, and from lodging to sightseeing activities.  5.Maximum choice - We give you a wide variety of travel options and quotes from competing travel suppliers across the Globe.  6.Customer advocate - Experience problems during your trip? We can assist you in resolving concerns 24/7.  7.Personalized service - We’re your neighbours. We know you and what you value in your travel experience.  8.Trust - We’re not some anonymous Web site or long distance number. We’re a local business. You know how to reach us when you need us.  9.Unbiased information - We work for you and our only objective is to get you the best value and satisfaction.

Things to do During Bali Tour – Grand Holiday Getaway


Bali, a destination which is a perfect blend for a honeymoon,  adventure and also for family travel. You would get hills smeared with all shades of green, sand with the correct golden colour and the bluest and cleanest water of the sea. Bali is your perfect Getaway.    Bali has a huge number of temples, caves, waterfalls, museums, markets with a great mix of culture all around. If you love adventure, then you have a different array of water sports, muck and wreck diving, and can fly through the jungles of the canopy. In a way, the list of doing things in Bali is unending and you can easily spend about a month here and still you would find that there are many things left. Here we would list out few MUST do things in Bali 1. Sekumpul Waterfalls: this is the greatest of all the waterfalls and this waterfall attracts most of the tourists every year. The tourist enjoys here the location, the fresh shower of the waterfall and a 40-meter hike down the fall.  2. Tegalaland Rice Terraces: another most loved tourist attraction in Bali. Tegalalang visit should be on top of your to-do list in Bali, it’s a beautiful rice paddy valley near Ubud and the sunrise / sunset are Mesmerising from here. 3. Go Surfing in Canggu: among the most beautiful places, Canggu beach is the surfers’ paradise. It’s ideal for surfing lovers and this beach boasts of black sand, a small village nearby makes your ideal surfing dream come true. The ideal surfing time should be in the morning, however, it also depends on the intensity of the waves. 4. Bali Safari and Marine Park: this is the most exciting animals themed park at Bali Safari and Marine Park. You can experience almost 60 different species of creatures in their natural habitat. You can take a ride on the safari bus, see the elephant talent shows,  playful sharks and rare species of orangutans. The timing is from 9 am to 5 pm. 5. Parasailing at TanjungBenoa Beach: this is for the adventure lovers and this is also known for the most thrilling things to do in Bali. You can go for a tandem or a solo parasailing and you do not need any prior experience to take part in this adventurous sports.  6. Ubud Monkey Forest: this is an unusual and interesting tour where you can enjoy nature and see around 700 different types of monkeys and different variety of trees as well. The other attractions here are Pura Dalem Agung Padangtegal, Banyan tree roots, Pura Beji etc. 7. Ubud Art Market: any place you visit, you would love to shop and keep some souvenirs to remember your stay forever. Ubud Art Market gives you that opportunity. You can take a stroll at this market and see the Balinese craftsmanship, their traditional culture, and art. Things are made in the neighbouring villages and Ubud art market gives the complete satisfaction to the culture and Art lovers. Famous things in this market are Balinese style paintings, bohemian skirts, Moroccan style oil lamps, Buddha statues etc. 8. Go Snorkelling in Amed: this activity would give you the relaxation and at the same time, the thrill of the perfect water adventure. While snorkeling, you would find the colorful corals and variety of fishes, for which you do not have to be a professional snorkeler for doing it for the first time. Some of the species of fish that you can find underwater here are surgeonfish, emperor angelfish, six-bar wrasse and white-spotted boxfish. 9. White water rafting on Ayung River: This is one is most recommended for the adventure lovers. This can be the breathtaking adventure of your life and you would see the most spectacular view of Ayung river. This rafting is suitable for any age group, you can be 9 years or 60 years, they have all international safety standards and one professional guide is always there with you. 10. Trek to Mount Batur: trek to the top of Mount Batur is another thrilling adventure. This trek starts at the midnight with headlamps and night torches and after two hours you experience the most amazing sunrise on the Mount Agung. This is a different type of experience since you get to trek the active volcanic rocks and experience a unique getaway. 

Planning for your first International Tour? Make it Memorable with EaseTours


We all have travelled few or more places within our country and planning a trip is lot easy, but planning your first international trip can be over-whelming, exciting, and pretty hard at the same time. If you have not travelled abroad before, then a 10-15 hours of  flight trip can be horrifying to you and there are a lot of things that might be making you confused. Having said that, there is no perfect time for planning any trip, if you have decided to travel, you just need to go out and feel the thrill. However, there are tips and suggestions that might help you in deciding on your tour and other logistics. There are few things that you need to make a list of and put all checked before you go on-board: Pick a place and do the research: there might be hundreds of option where you want to go and explore but if you keep on thinking about all those places at the same time, it might happen that you finally don’t decide on your trip. Hence narrow down your options and then pick one place that’s your favourite and you really want to go. This would also help you in researching about the same. Determine how long you will travel and how: the total span of your trip is going to decide your budget, hence while planning, make a tentative span of time you are going to spend in each places and prepare accordingly. Decide how much money you would need and work on it: the style of your travel, place where you want to stay during your vacation and your logistics would decide how much money you are going to spend. Work on the planning very carefully, if you already have money saved, then no one is happier than you. Else, cut down on the expenses that are possible and arrange for the trip. and many more important things that you need to keep in mind while planning................list goes on ? • Check your passport Validity • Verify the country’s visa requirement • Book your flight and accommodation in advance • Plan your day today activities • Buy travel insurance • Get familiar with local transportation • Automate your bills • Notify your bank about your trip • Make copies of your passport, flight tickets, travel insurance and hotel reservation • Check airline baggage rules and restrictions However, if all this still sound very over-whelming to you and still don’t know how to manage all this by yourself? Well, then you have a solution.  Choose Ease Tours to make your Travel a Memorable one !!!  Ease Tours is a part of GI Retail Pvt Ltd and is specialized in travel and technology. Their renowned and famous and exceptions tour plans would compel you to pack your bags and set out. Ease Tours have partnership with the best names in the Industry and they ensure that their guests always feel privileged and can travel without any hassles. Starting from taking care of the smallest details as we discussed above, they provide you the best of tour plans, exclusive arrangements and they highly professional team who are specialized in different sector of travel planning, gives you a memorable and one-in-a lifetime trip experience. You can experience the wisest guides, wildest adventures and real people and events. Ease Tours have numerous international travel packages to choose from. They have package for Bali, Bhutan, Mauritius, Thailand, Cambodia,  Sri Lanka, Maldives, Singapore and many more. Their unique tour packages cover Australia, Argentina, Africa, America, Brazil, Namibia, Japan, Paris, Germany and other countries as well. Not only this, if you want to have some more fun, you can choose a theme trip as well. If you are planning your honeymoon abroad, or you want to experience a sandy holiday at the beach, or to experience Wildlife, Ease Tours has plan for every body and every category.  You can also tailor make your vacation and experience the fun of your life time. They have the happiest of customer who have travelled to different parts of the world with Ease Tours. Hence, do not get over-whelmed or get laid back with the thought of planning so many things. Just contact Ease Tours and inform them about your trip plan and leave everything in the hands of the experts. Then, go out and have fun.

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